Saturday, January 31, 2009

Red Envelopes

Nathaniel with his red envelope of money.

For the New Year he got money from a few people, but if it was from a family with a child or grandchild, we just turned around and gave it back to them.

The second day of the New Year is the day to give the money to children, I didn't know that this was the specific day. Thus when I went to my in-law's for lunch (Nathaniel was already there and Santiago was at work) I didn't take money to give to his cousin. When I got there I was given the money from his aunt and also from a family friend.

I assumed Santiago would have money with him, if he hadn't already given some to his nephew. When he arrived he asked if I'd brought money. No. I offered to go home and get some but then he asked if the baby had been given any. Yes. I told him where I'd put it and he gave an amount, equal to what they had given us, to the friend's granddaughter and I gave the rest to Ethan, the same amount his parents gave Nathaniel. So in the end the adults' money ended up in the children's hands.

It's very important to give back an equal amount, or more, than what you are given. For example, at our wedding dinner several of my friends gave us money. When we returned home Santiago asked me who gave how much and he wrote it in a little notebook. I assumed it was for writing thank you notes. I was surprised to learn that thank yous are necessary but when those who gave us money get married or have a baby or their child gets married, whatever happens next in their life, we should consult our list and give them the appropriate amount of money.
The same thing happened when Nathaniel was born. Every single gift was recorded in the notebook. We received many nice things that we haven't been able to use and I suggested we give some to one of my coworkers who is expecting. However since she didn't give us a gift we shouldn't give her one. Interesting, huh?

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