Sunday, July 6, 2008

30 Weeks

Last Wednesday I went to the hospital for another check-up and the doctor decided that I'm only at 30 weeks. This comes after last months visit when she said she wasn't sure. Prior to that another doctor said my due date was August 10 (so now I'd be about 35 weeks). The uncertainty is annoying.
She was happy that I gained a good amount of weight since last month. I previously gained about 6 pounds total, now I've gained another 8. She says it should be easy to give birth since my hips are so wide and when I asked how long I have to stay in the hospital (since home births are not an option here) she said that if all went well I could go home after two hours! I was expecting something like two to three days since c-sections require a seven day stay.
It will be good to get home quickly so I can use the air conditioner as Chinese believe that fans and air conditioning are not good for the mom or baby. Luckily we just found out that a friend's mother allows the daughter-in-law to use the AC. My husband told his mom this and she still wasn't sure, but when he told her that I routinely sleep with the fan beside me and drink water with ice, she decided that maybe I'm just different and I will be okay. As soon as it cools off to a decent temperature, 60 degrees or so, I'll quit drinking ice water but not a moment sooner!

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