Monday, June 30, 2008


I've been contemplating starting a blog for awhile and have finally found the motivation. At least I think so. I hope that this will help me keep in touch with family and friends more effectively. I also have hopes of sharing all of the recipes that I've learned from my husband, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law, as well as what life is like as the only resident foreigner in a small (by Chinese standards) Chinese town.
Up until yesterday there were two foreigners here. My good friend (and former roomie) has returned to the US for a few weeks and in the fall is moving to Beijing for a year. The school she (and I) used to teach at decided they didn't want anymore foreign teachers, at least for now. My school has said they will rehire me, but they can't seem to figure out how to fill out the new online forms! So maybe I won't have a job next year. I honestly wouldn't mind. However financially, it would be good to have one. We'll just have to wait and see.


~M said...

I read your post on the bumble bea green blog about not diapering babies the majority of the time...would you explain how this works? I'm very curious :) Thanks!

Charlotte said...

Well from what I saw at a friends home yesterday, they clothe thier two month old son in a backless, crotchless jumpsuit of sorts and he lays on a plastic lined pad when he's on the bed. If he starts to fuss and they think he needs to go, they hold him over a bucket and make a noise like running water. Being a boy, sometimes he misses the bucket and it goes elsewhere! They clean it up with a rag. When they go out they might put the diaper on (just an old piece of cloth or t-shirt) but don't secure it with pins or anything. As you can imagine it's quite easy to distinguish between boys and girls here. Some parents use disposables at night, but they are very expensive. What Chinese parents do is similar to what I've read about communication elimination at